We pride ourselves in only using high quality traditional techniques to craft plasterwork to suit any environment. We have worked on many prestigious buildings using fibrous or GRG mouldings. We have also carried out intricate repairs or used more traditional methods for running mouldings in situ.

All of our fibrous mouldings are produced by hand in our work shop in Cambridge.

Whether you want to add a subtle detail to your dining room or require fully ornate features, we have something to suit any property. If you do not see what you desire, we can carry out bespoke designs, work to a new design or match an existing feature.

Adding a simple feature such as a cornice or a ceiling rose can really change the appearance of a room and help to create a special atmosphere. If you wish to see some of our products, please Contact Us and we can arrange to visit you with samples or you can visit our workshop to see our wider range.

CAD files and PDFs can be supplied for all cornices in our range, just Contact Us with the details of your project. We can also carry out CAD drawings of bespoke cornices if required.

Cambridge Fibrous Cornice
Stock Ceiling Rose
Insitu Decorative Plaster work


Here is our fantastic stock range of plain cornices, this is not and exhaustive catalogue of our cornices so please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for. We will also reproduce any cornice to match the existing or work with your custom design to meet your requirements.

C1 - Crosssection

Projection 105mm, Depth 70mm Produced in 3m lengths

C1 - Profile
C2 - Cross Section

Projection 101mm, Depth 70mm Produced in 3m lengths

C2 - Profile

Projection 110mm, Depth 74mm Produced in 3m lengths

Projection 133mm, Depth 122mm Produced in 3m lengths

C4 - Profile
C5 - Cross Section

Projection 60mm, Depth 100mm Produced in 3m lengths

C5 - Profile
C6 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 73mm, Depth 80mm Produced in 3m lengths

C6 - Profile
C7 - Cross Section

Projection 121mm, Depth 112mm Produced in 3m lengths

C7 - Profile

Projection 141mm, Depth 78mm Produced in 3m lengths

C8 - Profile
C9 - Cross Section

Projection 96mm, Depth 100mm Produced in 3m lengths

C9 - Profile
C11 - Cross Section

Projection 62mm, Depth 70mm Produced in 3m lengths

C11 - Profile
C12 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 85mm, Depth 82mm Produced in 3m lengths

C12 - Profile

Projection 101mm, Depth 102mm Produced in 3m lengths

C13 - Profile
C14 - Cross Section

Projection 70mm, Depth 80mm Produced in 3m lengths

C14 - Profile
C15 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 115mm, Depth 160mm Produced in 3m lengths

C16 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 51mm, Depth 50mm Produced in 3m lengths

C16 - Profile
C17 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 77mm, Depth 70mm Produced in 3m lengths

C17 - Profile
C18 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 116mm, Depth 126mm Produced in 3m lengths

C19 - Cross Section.PNG

Projection 160mm, Depth 142mm Produced in 3m lengths

Projection 116mm, Depth 120mm Produced in 3m lengths

C20 - Profile


The full range of our cornices and ceiling roses can be seen at our work shop in Waterbeach, Cambridge, just off the A10, just give us a call on 01223 420 144 to arrange a visit or ask any questions.

In the future we will be displaying all stock designs on this page, so please visit our site again to see these!

Although we have stock moulds, we will also manufacture moulds to match existing or from a drawing, or even create new bespoke designs to meet all your requirements.

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Established in 1887 G Cook & Sons have been carrying out all aspects of plastering and specialising in; Lime plastering, Heritage, Decorative and Insulated Systems.


See projects that we have been involved in on our Portfolio page, find out more about what we can do on our Services page or take a look at fibrous products on our Products page. If you would like to speak to someone about what we can do, or about quoting for some work please Contact us.

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Fibrous Cornice Profile