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We carry out all elements of plastering, on any project both large or small. We have a wealth of knowledge at G Cook & Sons, with many experienced plasterers. We deal directly with domestic clients, work for building contractors or act as the Principal Contractor. Plastering can be carried out in a wide range of materials, both internally and externally. We work alongside many  material manufacturers to deliver quality and innovation.

Lime Render on Insulation

In many situations a modern or contemporary approach is best.

Internal gypsum plastering, drylining, external through colour systems and acrylic render systems.

Emmanuel College Coat of Arms in Lime Render with Ashlar Markings

We will work on all types of external rendering project, priding ourselves in being lime render specialists. The material build-up of a render system is fundamental to the fabric of a building and it is important to work with the correct materials and skills required.

Tradition Chalk Lime Render

We have an extensive knowledge base with the majority of lime products. Plasterers with many years experience working with lime and other traditional materials. Working on Laths, Masonry, Reed or Wattle.

Woodfibre Board and Lime Plaster - Retro Fit Breathable Insulation

Many buildings constructed before the 1940's were built using solid walls, having very limited insulating properties. Insulated plaster or render systems can be retro fitted externally or internally improving

Fiborus Ornamental Plaster Ceiling Sky Light

We have a workshop in Cambridge dedicated to producing fibrous plaster products from scratch. We also run solid moulds in situ using traditional methods both internal and external work.

Carrying out Lime Repairs in a Chuch

We regularly carry out traditional/heritage plastering to all sizes of project including full ornate ceiling restorations.

Plaster condition surveys can be carried out, as well as sample analysis.

Modern Plastering

If you are looking for a contemporary finish, we can give you what you need with crisp detailing. We will carry out simple plastering such as plasterboard and skim to the highest standard or we can offer solutions where breathability is required by using engineered Lime products which offer properties of traditional plaster while giving clean modern finishes.


Modern External Renders - Acrylics, Silicon, Monocouche


Difficult shapes can be achieved easily using fibrous plastering techniques. For example, circular skylights, contemporary arches, column casings.

Kitchen Extension in Cambridgeshire
Modern Plastering with Traditional
Lime Plaster on Woodfibre Boards
Plastered Ceiling Cambridge
Fibrous Ceiling Masterpiece
Lime Render Applied to Insulation
A Modern Take on Suffolk Pargetting
Modern Plastering
Pargetted Panel in Suffolk
Lathed ceiling
Lath and plaster ceiling
Chalk lime between timbers
Chalk Lime to Chimney
Lime Repairs in Histon Methodist Church
Render repairs at Emmanuel College - New Court, Cambridge University
Progress to the Restoration of Denver Windmill. Rendering using bestoflime RenderCote
Lath and Lime Plaster to a Timber Frame House in Abington
Traditional Plastering

Whether restoring or renovating, the vast majority of buildings in the UK pre 1920's are constructed with solid walls or timber frames using soft, porous materials allowing the building to breathe. The breathability of these buildings is vital to the fabric of the building. Modern cementitious materials will prevent moisture penetrating a wall, but can also trap in moisture causing damp, leading ultimately to failure of the building fabric. Failure can also be caused when the substrate is softer than the coating material i.e. has a lower compressive strength.

Traditionally plasters and renders based on lime, or sometimes earth or clay, were used. At G Cook & Sons we have the knowledge and experience to use materials that will match the existing, such as haired lime. But we also work alongside many suppliers who engineer lime based products offering the permeability and compressive strength required while using more modern techniques.

Traditional Plastering
Decorative Plaster Work

Our a workshop just outside of Cambridge and is dedicated to manufacturing plaster mouldings. The majority of the plaster work in produced in Fibrous plaster (using hessian and Gypsum casting plaster) or we use GRG (glass reinforced Gypsum) to produce larger items with reduced weight but added strength. For external mouldings we use either GRC (glass reinforced cement) or Jesmonite (an acrylic based resin compound which gives the appearance of stone).

We have a range of stock moulds which we have been using over the years and also produce bespoke moulds to suit the requirements of the projects. These can be to match the existing or to a completely new design.

All our work is carried out by experienced craftsmen and we can either supply only or supply and fix the plasterwork that we produce.

Cornice - C20
Fibrous Cornice
Fibrous Cornice and Arch
Fibrous Dental Block Cornice
Fibrous Ceiling Skylight
Fibrous Ceiling Skylight
Fibrous Ceiling Skylight
External Stucco
Render repairs at Emmanuel College - New Court, Cambridge University
Decorative domed ceiling
Decorative Plaster Work
Progress to the Restoration of Denver Windmill. Rendering using _bestoflime RenderCote
Birch Hall - 31 of 32
DSC03866 (003)
Private Residence in Oxfordshire - FIS Gold Award Winner 2017 for External Plastering _#ExteriorRend
Render repairs at Emmanuel College - New Court, Cambridge University
Arc Shopping Centre - Bury St Edmuds, 2011_Decorative external rendering; each panel was rendered wi
Another great chalk lime render job. On a period grade II property with some quirky original feature
Stucco External Rendering

We pride ourselves in carrying out rendering projects on the grandest scales, but we also use our skills and experience to provide top quality finishes on smaller projects including for private clients and in repairs to existing rendered facades.

We feel it is fundamental to use the correct materials and application for each individual project. There are a huge amount of different materials available and we are privileged to have an experienced workforce to cover all aspects of rendering and plastering.

Stucco External Rendering
Insulated Systems

There are options that can be used to improve the thermal qualities of walls. Some systems use an aggregate within the plaster or render to increase their thermal qualities and these can be used both internally or externally. This option is sympathetic to the existing appearance of the building, by simply replacing the existing plaster or render with a product that replicates the original finish. There are also systems that increase their thermal qualities further, by using an insulated carrier system. Again these can be used both internally or externally, by fixing insulation to the existing structure which can then be finished with plaster or render.


There are Eco-friendly systems that involve the use of sustainable natural materials such as wood fibre or cork insulation boards finished with a lime plaster or lime render containing hemp or cork aggregate. These systems are also breathable, meaning they can be retro fitted to historic buildings that need to breathe or to timber frame properties.

The start of a NBT insulated plaster sys
Private Residence in Oxfordshire - FIS Gold Award Winner 2017 for External Plastering _#ExteriorRend
Insulated Systems
Carrying out Lime Repairs in Histon Methodist Church
Portland Place - 27 of 73
Portland Place - 64 of 73
Daub Repairs to a Watermill in Cambridgeshire, maintaining the historic structure of the building
Render repairs at Emmanuel College - New Court, Cambridge University
Restoration and Surveys

We can carry out renovation, repairs and restoration to all types of plasterwork; new or old, plain or decorative, large or small. Care must be taken when restoring plasterwork and at G Cook and Sons we have the experience and knowledge to work with the widest variety of materials including; wattle and daub, sawn or riven lathing, reed, lime plasters or renders and roman cement. It is vital to use the correct materials that will match or be sympathetic to the existing.

We can also carry out surveys and reports on the condition of existing plasterwork, offering advice to offer the best option going forward for taking care of the property.

We are able to repair or replace like for like decorative plaster ceilings, cornices, corbels, porticos or any other plasterwork.

Restoration and Surveys
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